2 ohm hook up, how to wire a dual 4 ohm subwoofer in parallel for a 2 ohm load 6 steps

How can you hook up a 2 ohm amplifier to a 4 ohm sub

We don't use impedance matching, we use voltage bridging. Eventually I moved back to Charlottesville, expectations dating Virginia and opened a small demo recording studio. Just don't expect much bass from this system.

Series Connections

One amp per sub, wired like this diagram. As you can see, this could be a real problem for speaker A. Here's a handy formula for estimating an amplifier's capability.

All the wires depicted in the Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams are speaker wires. Appreciate your input and advise, just the two Mike. You need to wire both positives to one positive input and both negatives to one negative input for parallel wiring.

My guess is I need an amp. My question is what is the best way to wire the subs? Brad, In spite of its published specifications, that amplifier doesn't have enough power for one of those subs, dating agency much less two.

  1. You never actually read any thing about building boxes have you?
  2. It seems to me that I read it is a non-standard size and is difficult to replace.
  3. An amplifier itself has no ohms - it senses whatever load is attached to its output, and responds accordingly.

It Still Runs

But a lower impedance also means more stress on the amp. Is it possible to attach a car subwoofer to a guitar amplifier and if so how? What will be the best way to wire them.

How to Wire a 4 Ohm Amp to a 2 Ohm Speaker

Will this work with this amplifier? Yes, however you will need an amplifier for the subwoofer that runs on house current. Currently I have the subs wired to just one of the two terminal cups on the box and I was wondering if there is any reason that I should wire each sub to its own terminal cup. Kenneth, I'd leave your subs wired the way they are.

How to hook up speakers correctly for proper impedance

Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. Amps themselves don't have ohms, that's what subwoofers have. Could you possibly provide a diagram of this to help me? Not a clean crisp thump like I was hoping for. My plan was to run the amp bridged and connect both sub positives to the one positive terminal on the amp, and likewise for the negatives.

What do you recommend on wiring? Which amps would you recommend? Here is the list of items that are used for this simple installation.

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams How to Wire Your Subs

  • If you don't have a mic jack on your amp, your out of luck.
  • And if not, could you help me understand why?
  • Would there be sufficient power?
  • Johnny, If your receiver only has a pair of subwoofer outputs, the simplest way to feed all four of your amplifier's channels is to use a couple of Y-cords to split the two channels into four.
  • Which is the best way to hook them up to get more bass or do I need a bigger amp?

How can you hook up a 2 ohm amplifier to a 4 ohm sub

We'll solve the bottom part of the equation first. Jesse, The only safe way to connect those subs to that amp is like this. Or, you could wire one sub per terminal set, and then run two pairs of wires to the amp, it's electrically the same.

Dylan, Not knowing exactly what subwoofers you're referring to make it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. The loaded subwoofer enclosure can now be connected to an amplifier that matches the ratings of the installed subwoofer. Dylan, Not knowing exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you have make it impossible to give advice on how they'll work together. Charles, Due to the differences in power ratings and sensitivity of your two models of subs, I recommend using two amplifiers. The amp has more than enough power to drive whatever model you have wired like this.

And just one infinity w subwoofer. Or, use one positive and one negative amp terminal for the pair of subs, it doesn't matter which. Knowing that the outputs are wired in parallel internally, I wasn't sure if it would cut it in half since they have to now share?

Subwoofer Speaker & Amp Wiring Diagrams

How to Wire a Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer in Parallel for a 2 Ohm Load 6 Steps

Wood, The only safe way to connect that gear together is like this diagram. My next question is will this setup be safe for the amp and the subs? And I'd be more confident in any advice I give you if I knew the brand names and model numbers of your gear. There are many ways to wire subwoofers and amplifiers together. Wire it like this diagram.

How to Wire a 4 Ohm Amp to a 2 Ohm Speaker

Which would provide the better sound? David, What impedance are the subs? Will that give more power? They actually pay me to ramble on, rant, and explain the things I love about music, electronics, the and getting good sound.

Buck Pomerantz

A note about amplifiers

What would be the best way to wire the subs to get the most out of them. What ohm should i wire at and what gauge of speaker wire should i use from amp to sub? Caleb, You're definitely confusing issues by quoting max ratings which are meaningless. Would I wire each sub directly to its respective output are should I wire it in a different configuration.

No Diagram Available

Can you hook up a car sub system to a home stereo system? Can you hook up several speaker to the same port? It is possible, just wire a normal input jack to your subwoofer and hook it up to your guitar amp.

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